Back Waters – A Note On the Syria Yemen Campaign.


A source came forward noting that during the Libya campaign they were approached to carry the campaign on to Syria. They stated that they declined, stating that the campaign was to go to Yeman next. That there was significant want and pull to have an campaign there. They noted that the people asking for the campaign to come to Syria was saying how very much it was needed in Syria and showing pictures of protests, but the protests being pictured out of Syria was not exhibiting a likely anti-corruption campaign. The photos were of women and children with balloons and smiling, not at all looking stressed or down-trodden. The source went on to say the photos had a look and feel like a PR company that had been campaigning against Iran on a Chinese Democracy and anti-Iran centric IRC servers. They also noted that while training an individual on IRC they noted a PR company making changes in obscure African countries wikipedias that were anti-Iran.

The source noted that after they said, no the campaign would not go towards Syria that Syria was not ready or in need for a campaign. They said they were told, “Fine , we are dedicated and will do this on our own.” It was at that time they noted the Yemen campaign ground to a halt due to US involvement, US strikes, and US propping of the Yemen government.


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